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Ground Beams


Constructing top-quality ground beams


Call the specialists at C.P.R Construction Ltd for ground beams construction work. 



We have over 40 years’ experience in constructing and installing ground beams. Ground beams improve construction programmes by reducing poor ground conditions and eliminating wet concrete trade on site.

Ground beams are designed to support brick/block work or to form a permanent shutter to the edge of in-situ concrete floor slabs. Ground beams are rectangular or square in shape. However other designs can be supplied to order



Piled Ground Beams


We undertake piled ground beams for extensions, single plots or multiple plots. There are two methods of installing the ground beams.

  • Cast in-situ in excavated trenches
  • Shuttered and cast at a reduced level

It is possible that piles can be installed with the trenches already excavated. The team at C.P.R Construction Ltd are able to construct high-quality ground beams. We will complete the piling, excavation and beam construction.



Our Services Include

  • Designing the beam from your architect’s drawings
  • Obtaining local authority or NHBC building approval
  • Carrying out all excavation and shuttering
  •  Scheduling and fixing reinforcing steel
  •  Placing and compacting concrete 

We construct ground beams throughout North Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.